How Inclusive Leadership Strengthens a Company

Consumers want diversity. This is no longer a call to action from social justice warriors. Instead, this is a fact being supported by the growing number of minorities soon to take over the majority, so much so that no single race can be considered the major of anything. To meet this diversity need, change must […]

Finding a Diversity and Inclusion Senior Role

It is now evident the world is changing once again. The trumpets of social adaptation and awareness are again blowing at the gates of old-school sensibilities. With this change comes an opportunity for companies if they are willing to embrace it. Diversity is being introduced into practically every aspect of modern business. The need to […]

The Importance of Diverse Recruiting for Your Business

Innovation is the root of business development. It creates flexibility and an adaptable company culture that can quickly respond to the needs of the consumer. The consumer is changing. Modern buying power is now in the hands of a younger and more global customer base. New data suggests that 64% of consumers consider making an immediate […]