It is now evident the world is changing once again. The trumpets of social adaptation and awareness are again blowing at the gates of old-school sensibilities. With this change comes an opportunity for companies if they are willing to embrace it.

Diversity is being introduced into practically every aspect of modern business. The need to address all groups equally with full inclusion, so their voices are heard and respected is no longer a blue-sky dream. It is a necessity.

Enter in the CDO

To respond to the calls for change, companies should consider the role and power of a Chief Diversity Officer. A CDO is responsible for increasing diversity in the workplace and the inclusion of every group and member. They are the crafters of new work cultures where all employees are treated equally based on their merits and not their demographics or backgrounds.

This is crucial given the shift of the work environment post-pandemic. Company culture will craft the future where hybrid work models involving stay-at-home remote workers shift the water cooler talk to chat rooms and messaging apps.

More than a Trend

Tech companies were some of the first to jump on the CDO bandwagon. That could be because they had the crystal ball of millions of data points all screaming out for change. Or it could be because their workers are coming from more and more emerging economies across the globe

Whatever the reason, the tech trend has reached Wall Street. Now, major corporations are finally embracing the power of a CDO. They recognize how a CDO can diversify the workforce, providing more significant innovation that leads to higher profits. They see how being more empathetic to the workforce increases retention rates and lowers operating costs. Most importantly, they can read the tea leaves of increased productivity from a CDO that informs the hiring process to discover new talent eager to make a name for themselves on the corporate ladder.

The Culture of DEI

If your boardroom has not heard of DEI before, now is the time for a change. Diversity, equality, and inclusion are the new keys to the kingdom. With a more intimacy-seeking consumer, the way your company navigates the challenging social morays of diversity, the better your profits will be at the close of business.

Modern consumers want more diversity in their products, their workers, and their business leaders. They want deep relationships with brands that support their newly awakened conscience. They are willing to pay a premium on those brands that even just attempt to introduce a little change.

The best way to begin your search for a qualified CDO is to hire a recruitment agency like the team at CXO Search. You’ll get a free consultation on how a CDO can improve your particular company and what opportunities are available from a qualified and educated candidate pool. Reach out today and watch the current change sweep through your company to offer new insight into your business processes and brand.

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