The Role and Benefits
of a CDO

CXO Search routinely gathers research evidence to support the fundamental role of a CDO in today’s modern business environment. This is not a spoof of a social movement; this is a unique chance to conduct business with the consumer being at the forefront of what is an acceptable practice. To respond to these changes, CXO Search presents robust findings from reputable sources.


The Critical First Year: What New Chief Diversity Officers Need to Succeed

The chief diversity officer (CDO) has become increasingly prominent in today’s top colleges, universities, academic medical centers, health systems, and other institutions and is critical to their success. CDOs are at the vanguard of cultural change, which isn’t an easy role to fill. They are human, not miracle-workers; there is no set portfolio to suit the task at hand, and no two institutions share the same degrees of readiness and willingness.

Here’s The Bottom Line Reason Why Companies Need A Chief Diversity Officer

Over the last 20 years, human resource (HR) departments have undergone tremendous changes. In the past, HR’s functions were record-keeping, payroll, and ensuring company rules, policies, and state and federal laws were being adhered to. Fast forward to today, where technology has automated and streamlined many functions of HR like applications that aid in payroll, recruiting, and training. 

Do You Know Why Your Company Needs a Chief Diversity Officer?

With the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, followed by months of Black Lives Matter protests, through to the shooting of Jacob Blake on August 23, leaders in the United States and around the world have finally begun to recognize the racial inequities embedded deep in the systems in which we operate each day: neighborhoods, schools, stores, banks, courts, housing markets — and workplaces.