Our ultimate goal

Workplace Inclusion Diagnostics

Assess the patterns of workplace experiences to identify gaps and
how they link to business performance.

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Our ultimate goal is to help you where to start

CXO Search's Workplace Inclusion Diagnostic is a mandatory starting point for any organisation embracing D&I seriously

We provide data-backed insights on how your organisation is performing on over 10 inclusion parameters. Understanding your inclusion strengths but also which internal demographics are at risk is fundamental to define a robust D&I strategy and action plan.

By offering confidential surveys to your employees we can capture data that can unlock important insights on how to improve engagement levels, innovation, team effectiveness and retention across the organisation. Our reports will allow you to design very specific and focused D&I interventions

Our diagnostic provides insight using two powerful lenses

We look at the Inclusion using an employee perception lens (equity of experience) and an organisational lens (why it matters)

By using these two perspectives we are able to learn how different groups may be experiencing the same workplace in very different ways to understand the root causes of your representation gaps, but also, demonstrate how addressing the real issues employees are facing impacts business performance and build your business case for inclusion

2 lenses

A deeper understanding on what we measure:

Performance Indicators

External research shows the link between inclusion and business outcomes. An analysis of how inclusion correlates with engagement, team effectiveness, innovation and retention will provide you with the data to demonstrate the value of this work to your leadership team and the broader organisation.

You can then create your own internal business case for inclusion and address the real issues your employees are facing.We provide Insight on how employees employees rate themselves on metrics that impact business performance such as engagement, intent to stay, innovation and team effectiveness.


We evaluate workplace inclusion through the self-reported perceptions of your employees to assess organisational climate, career experiences and psychological safety.

With an intersectional approach to analysis, your data will reveal insights on how different groups may be experiencing the same workplace in very different ways. We provide Insight on how employees rate the workplace on inclusion climate, their career experiences, and psychological safety.

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